Stylage XL with lidocaine 1ml


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Stylage XL with Lidocaine 1ml is a dermal filler designed to address deeper wrinkles and volume loss in the mid-to-deep facial tissue. The filler contains a combination of hyaluronic acid, mannitol, and lidocaine to deliver optimal results with minimal discomfort. The hyaluronic acid provides volume and hydration to the skin, while the mannitol acts as an antioxidant to protect against free radical damage. The addition of lidocaine provides a numbing effect during the injection process, making the treatment more comfortable for patients. The results of Stylage XL with Lidocaine 1ml can last for up to 12 months, giving you a youthful, revitalized appearance. Whether you’re looking to smooth out deep wrinkles, restore volume, or enhance your facial contours, Stylage XL with Lidocaine 1ml is an excellent choice for a more youthful, refreshed look.

The Stylage product series

Vivacy’s Stylage products are characterized above all by their visible staggering, which is perfectly adapted to every wrinkle treatment. Furthermore, the products with the modern IPN-Like technology have been respected for years in aesthetics. Consequently, customers are fascinated by the results of natural face lifting without any cosmetic surgery. As a result of a highly modern development, Stylage products allow a high elasticity and very long-lasting results.
Stylage – Style your Age.