Stylage Special Lips Bisoft 1x1ml without lidocaine


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  • With a specific manufacturing process in connection with the latest scientific and biological Stylage ® is “the” ideal gel fillers based on hyaluronic acid crosslinked.
  • The IPN-Like technology, the presence of a natural antioxidant and specifications of the range Stylage ® ensure the use of a safe and efficient.
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the European medical standards, these products have been certified quality.
  • Tolerance, purity and performance make Stylage ® the first frost antioxidant remodeling intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid *. It is the best in high technology.

Reshaping a face, erase some wrinkles and blemishes, restore skin hydration, tone and firmness and skin luster, are constantly renewed applications from women and men who want to preserve their youthfulness.

A simple and rapid treatment

Stylage ® provides a simple and fast: The different versions (S, M, L, XL) according to treat depression, Stylage ® can instantly correct wrinkles (forehead, crow’s feet, naso-labial peri-oral wrinkles, etc..) rehydrate your skin and reshape the forms and contours of the face (cheekbones, sunken cheeks, lip volume, oval face).

A safe and absorbable product

  • It is a natural, biodegradable, requiring no pre-testing, to immediately resume work life.
  • Stylage ® is packaged in a glass syringe pharmaceutical grade disposable.

Visible and lasting results

Results are visible immediately after injection. Various products of the range allows a custom instant filler (a 2nd syringe may be necessary at monthly intervals for best results) or tensor effect and volumizing Now (contouring the face). The innovative technology Stylage ® provides durability to 12 months, with an excellent level of security for a prolonged and natural action.



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