Revanesse Kiss 1ml


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Revanesse Kiss 1ml

Revanesse Kiss was created especially for lip augmentation, modeling and contouring.

The uniquely designed filler is easy to inject and reduces the risk of swelling.

The package contains

1 x 1 ml pre-filled syringe

Note: To order the full package containing 2x 1 ml pre-filled syringe, leaflet and identification stickers, add the product twice to your cart.


1. Uniformity

The HA gel particles that are spherical and uniform are smoother and easier to inject for more natural results. Revanesse products contain the most homogeneous molecules, which allows for optimal skin integration.

2. Homogeneity

The proprietary Thixofix crosslinking and milling technology by Prollenium allows to obtain the most homogeneous HA gel available on the filler market. This unique grinding technology makes the HA particles in Revanesse smaller and more homogeneous than competing products, creating a gel that is easier to inject and mold. Additionally, these properties ensure the gel will break down more slowly and more predictably for more natural, long-lasting results.

3. Durability

The Revanesse line of fillers uses the patented Thixofix technology, one of the most advanced cross-linking methods available.

The degree of cross-linking in Thixofix is ​​optimized, slowing down the natural rate of degradation in the body. This allows you to obtain long-lasting results while ensuring that your body treats them like natural HA. Revanesse fillers only use high molecular weight HA to achieve maximum durability.

4. Ease of injection

The syringes are designed to include additional wide finger flanges and flared plungers for much greater ease of use and flexibility when injecting. The unique grinding process produces an ultra-smooth gel that allows easy injection of even the very viscous Revanesse Contour with a fine mesh needle without losing gel integrity.


Lip volume increase
Correction of lip asymmetry
Correction of smoker’s wrinkles
Moisturizing the lips


25mg / ml of highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Application protocol

Injection into the labial mucosa
Recommended needle: 27G or 30G
Duration of effects: 9 months

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