Radiesse + Lidocaine (1×1.5ml)


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Radiesse + Lidocaine (1×1.5ml)

A new generation product called tissue stimulators. It rebuilds the skin structure by stimulating the production of skin cells, collagen and elastin.


RADIESSE consists of tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. Calcium microspheres are similar to minerals found naturally in the body, so allergy testing is not required. Over time, the body absorbs the microspheres and gel, leaving only natural collagen behind.



  • Immediate filling – effect thanks to the gel matrix
  • Improving the volume and contour of the face – volumetry
  • Lifting and increasing skin density
  • Raising an eyebrow
  • Hand skin rejuvenation and regeneration
  • Acne scars
  • Non-surgical and permanent nose correction
  • Areas where Radiesse is used: chin, lower jaw, hands, cheeks, nose, nasolabial folds, marionette line


  • 1 ampoule
  • 2 needles (28 G 3/4 – 0.36 x 19 mm)
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) with a range of 25-45 microns
  • Lidocaine (0.3%)


The Radiesse brand has obtained the CE certificate, which is the European Union standard for product safety. Radiesse was also approved by the FDA (US regulatory body) in 2006.


How long is the effect?

The effect can last up to 18 months. It grows during the first six months, because calcium hydroxyapatite strongly stimulates the tissues to produce collagen and elastin every day. However, after a year it is slowly removed from the body, so the effects of the treatment gradually diminish.





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