Filorga? (Fillmed) NCTF 135 (1x3ml)


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Filorga? NCTF 135

is a preparation intended for revitalization, moisturizing tired or dull skin and smoothing superficial wrinkles. The formula consists of 55 ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, proteins and free radicals). Filorga? NCTF 135 stimulates skin cells, creating optimal conditions for them to multiply and run many processes.


  • revitalization and rehydration of the skin
  • skin cell stimulation

Duration of the effect:
The improvement of the skin condition during the treatment is gradual. The results are visible from the first treatment – the skin is more moisturized and tense. The effects are cumulative and after several treatments, the skin becomes smoother, its structure is improved, it becomes denser and firmer.

The preparation contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid – 0.025 mg/ml
  • 13 vitamins
  • 23 amino acids
  • 6 minerals
  • 6 coenzymes
  • 5 nucleic acids
  • 2 reducing agents

1 vial x 3 ml of the preparation

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