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DIVES med. – LipoShoock+is an advanced peptide cocktail for lipolysis and intralipotherapy. The preparation is the result of many years of achievements of the world’s pharmacists and biotechnologists, created to effectively fight excessive fat tissue, cellulite and skin flaccidity. Using the process of enzymatic apoptosis of adipocytes and damage to cell membranes, it leads to effective reduction of local fat tissue and smoothing of the body structure. The content of the highest permissible concentration of phosphatidylcholine has been additionally enriched with peptides and deoxycholic acid, which guarantees fast and spectacular effects of reducing tissue circumference, visible after the first treatment. L-Carnitine, accelerates the metabolism of released fatty acids and optimizes the effect of intralipotherapy.


  • body lipolysis,
  • reducing the volume of adipose tissue,
  • improvement of face and body contours,
  • improvement of skin tension, density and firmness,
  • fat cellulite reduction,
  • eliminating skin sagging,
  • improvement of lipid metabolism,
  • reduction of the tendency to deposit adipose tissue in the treatment area,
  • reduction of lipomas,
  • reducing gynecomastia in men,
  • application area:
    • arms,
    • upper and lower parts of the abdomen,
    • male breast tissue
    • thighs and buttocks,
    • knee area,
    • tissues after surgical liposuction,
    • shoulders and “bull’s” neck.


  • Phosphatidylcholine (5%) – an ingredient designed to emulsify adipose tissue, increasing membrane permeability and facilitating the metabolism of excess fat from the body,
  • Sodium deoxycholate  (2.5%)  – degrading effect of adipocyte cell membranes, facilitating faster decomposition of released triglycerides,
  • L-Carnitine (1%)  – a natural component of human body cells, necessary for the proper metabolism of lipids; facilitates the penetration of fats into cells, increasing the amount of energy in the hair matrix, resulting in faster hair growth; also recommended in the fight against cellulite,
  • Phytosterols  – natural plant ingredients with a lipophilic effect, reduce the level of saturated fatty acids, accelerate collagen synthesis and inhibit the action of elastase – an enzyme that breaks down elastin,
  • Soybean oil  – an ingredient that soothes inflammation,
  • Cartilage jelly extract  – an ingredient that improves blood circulation and tissue drainage, has a firming and collagen-synthesizing effect, recommended for skin flabbiness and stretch marks,
  • Hydrogenated lecithin  – improving the appearance of flabby skin through the appropriate level of tension and elasticity of collagen fibers,
  • Sh-Oligopeptide 2  – reduction and prevention of overhangs and sagging skin by synthesizing the collagen frame and skin proteins, reducing the burning effect.


Do not exceed the amount of 20 ml per treatment. Do not combine with other active substances or saline.

Packaging: 10 ml.


The product may only be used by professionals.

By making a purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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