Dermaqual ASCORBIX20 Vitamin C 20% (1x10ml)


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Dermaqual ASCORBIX20 Vitamin C 20%  is a preparation recommended for all skin types with brightening and antioxidant properties. The high content of vitamin C in a concentration of up to 20% perfectly reduces the activity of tyrosinase, preventing the formation of discoloration. The complexion becomes brighter and full of radiance. The serum can be introduced by means of: microneedle mesotherapy, no-needle mesotherapy, electroporation, iontophoresis. Preparations from the Dermaqual series can be combined during treatments:

  • ASCORBIX20 1ml + GENESIS 5ml,
  • ASCORBIX20 1ml + GSH C1000 5ml,
  • ASCORBIX20 1ml + Hyaluronic Acid 3.5% 5ml,
  • ASCORBIX20 1ml + MESOGLOW 5ml,
  • ASCORBIX20 3ml + MESOGLOW 5ml.


  • antioxidant effect,
  • brightening,
  • reduction of the effects of photoaging,
  • stimulation of cell renewal,
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis,
  • anti-aging effect,
  • biorevitalization,
  • giving shine,
  • reducing the visibility of discolorations,
  • decreased tyrosinase activity,
  • application area:
    • face,
    • neck,
    • cleavage,
    • hands,
    • inner thighs and arms,
  • for all skin types.


  • Vitamin C 20% – an ingredient with antioxidant, illuminating and brightening discolorations.

Ingredients (INCI):

Aqua (Water), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate, Disodium EDTA.

Recommended treatment session:

Level 1: 4 sessions at intervals of 7-15 days,

2nd level: 2 sessions once a month,

Level 3: 4 sessions at 3 month intervals.

Packaging: 10 ml.


ATTENTION! The price is for one ampoule with the preparation with a capacity of 10 ml.

The package contains five ampoules. If you buy one ampoule, the packaging is randomly assigned.


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