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Professional aesthetic medicine products

The concept of the Cytosial range started in 2011 and ended in late 2015 with the submission of an application for the CE mark.

During these years, about 50 kg of hyaluronic acid were used to test 85 formulas, of which 3 were finally selected. These have evolved and have been constantly improved. Finally, the best filler for the Cytosial range was selected and named Velvet Technology ™

The patented VELVET ™ technology relies on the ordering of the acid structure (linearization) before its cross-linking (Fig. 2). The product obtained is perfectly homogeneous. Despite its high density, it has ideal rheological properties.

Despite its high density, Cytosial hyaluronic acid has ideal rheological properties, i.e. viscosity, flexibility and cohesiveness, which translate into easy administration (without the use of much force on the part of the doctor), the ability to lift tissues and model features, as well as naturalness and durability effects (the process of its disintegration in tissues is slower and more even).

All Cytosial products are characterized by a high concentration of HA (25mg.mL-1).

Thanks to Velvet Technology and superior cross-linking control, the Cytosial range is based only on the change in cross-linking density which modulates the mechanical properties while maintaining the uniformity of the formulation.

  • Cytosial Medium – for medium-deep wrinkles and medium volume losses, for correcting the lips, the outer surface of the hand and modeling the earlobes
  • Cytosial Deep Wrinkles – deep wrinkles and folds, large volume losses, tear valley, temples and eyebrows area, nose and chin modeling, “hyaluronic threads” treatment
  • Cytosial Volume – volumetric lifting, nose shape correction, oval rejuvenation (jaw line and angle, chin contour and volume), cheekbones modeling

In the package

1 x 1.1ml pre-filled syringe
2 x 30G needle




Professional aesthetic medicine products

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