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Cellucare is a highly specialized product used to treat any type of cellulite during needle mesotherapy. The treatment consists in even point or linear injection of body areas affected by cellulite with visible excess of adipose tissue. The use of a patented formula based on hyaluronic acid, caffeine and microelements in a several-stage process visibly smoothes the skin and eliminates cellulite. Introduced under the skin, hyaluronic acid breaks down accumulated cellulite, whose particles are expelled from the body due to increased subcutaneous microcirculation. An additional advantage is strongly moisturized and smoothed skin and a corrected silhouette. CelluCare? treatment can be supplemented with lymphatic drainage (cellu M6) or electrostimulation (Alice).


  • improvement of skin firmness and density,
  • lifting effect,
  • reducing the volume of the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks,
  • skin smoothing,
  • reduction of adipose tissue – cellulite,
  • elimination of the so-called “orange peel”
  • increasing microcirculation and drainage.


  • Hyaluronic acid – moisturizing and firming effect,
  • Caffeine – an ingredient that stimulates subcutaneous microcirculation,
  • Microelements – cobalt, manganese, zinc – a complex of microelements with astringent and antibacterial properties and protecting against free radicals.

Packaging: 5 ml.


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