Beta serum (1x15ml)


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What is Beta Serum?

Beta serum and the beta-glucan contained in it is a highly concentrated polysaccharide obtained as a result of the extraction of Japanese shiitake mushrooms. The beta-glucan obtained in this way is characterized by the highest degree of purity. The current state of knowledge about beta-glucan allows it to be used in many fields of medicine. In dermatology, it allows for use in wound healing. It delays skin aging and wrinkle formation.


It activates the skin’s antioxidant processes, stimulates collagen synthesis and supports the skin’s natural defenses. It has highly moisturizing properties, much greater than hyaluronic acid, thanks to which it increases skin elasticity and significantly reduces wrinkles. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the impact of harmful UV rays on the skin and prevents its damage.


Apply in the morning and evening on a previously cleansed face.

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