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AQUALYX is a preparation for injection fat reduction.

It is a solution without phosphatidylcholine, in which the main substances acting on the fat cell are detergents (such as sodium deoxycholate). The detergent dissolves fat and destroys the cell membrane – the adipocytolysis process takes place. Aqualyx destroys fat cells which are transported to the liver and excreted from the body by the kidneys.


Painless and more effective
Faster (fewer treatments necessary to achieve results)

Treatment areas

Upper limbs – in the area of ​​the triceps
Back folds (below ribs)
The sub-buttock area
The inside of the thighs
Inside of the knees
Double chin / mandible contour modeling
Male pseudogynecomastia
Buffalo neck (after antiretroviral therapy)


To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to carry out a series of treatments
Spreading the therapy over time increases the good tolerance of the treatment and positive effects in the form of increasing the firmness of the treated area after each subsequent treatment
The Aqualyx preparation can be used until a skin-fat fold with a thickness of not less than 1- 1.5 cm is obtained.
The number of treatments is determined individually, rarely exceeds 6
Most often these are 3-4 treatments, repeated every 3-4 weeks





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