Amalian? SF 16 Fine (1x2ml)


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Amalian SF 16

fine is a delicate filler based on hyaluronic acid, used to smooth delicate wrinkles, improve lip contour, smooth forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, delicate nasolabial folds or marionette lines. It is a fully hydrated gel that spreads easily and evenly over the tissue. Like other preparations from the SF line, Amalian SF 16 fine is well tolerated by the body, and side effects, such as postoperative swelling, are practically non-existent. The preparation works well in complementary treatments after treatments using dense products, such as Amalian SF 24 advanced. This method enhances the volumetric effect, and the preparation itself lasts longer. Recommended cannula size: 30 G.


  • filling fine wrinkles
  • lip contouring
  • filling forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, delicate nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Duration of the effect:
Amalian preparations have properties that bind water molecules in the skin. Thanks to the protective coating, the effect lasts up to 18 months.


The preparation contains:
16 mg/ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid


1 syringe x 2ml of the preparation


The product may  only be used  by professionals.

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