Amalian? Balance (1x2ml)


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Amalian balance

is an unstabilized hyaluronic acid gel used for revitalization and mesotherapy. This monophasic gel contains linear, non-crosslinked, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It has been specially prepared for revitalizing and moisturizing the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands.
It is recommended to administer Amalian balance using a 32 G cannula or a mesotherapy gun, which enable quick and uncomplicated punctures of the upper layers of the skin.


  • revitalization
  • hydration of the skin of the face, neck, cleavage and hands.

Duration of the effect:
The effect lasts for 4-5 months. The best result is visible after three administrations at two-week intervals.

The preparation contains:
Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid – 12 mg/ml


1 syringe x 2ml of the preparation

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