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is a preparation registered with an indication for injection in the treatment and prevention of cellulite. CE class III medical material.

Composition (ingredients):

Bovine collagen peptide, alpha-d-(+) glucopyranose, alpha 1-4-glycosidic bond, disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, amino acid buffer system with sodium bicarbonate corrector, osmolarity regulator.


  • Cellulite
  • after liposuction
  • lipoedema (lipoedema)
  • after intralipotherapy (Aqualyx)

Mechanism of action

  • Chelation of metals and dissolution of toxins,
  • osmotic drainage of the matrix,
  • Improvement of arterial blood circulation,
  • ECM matrix alkalization,
  • Rebuilding ECM matrix proteins,
  • Antioxidant effect.


  • Before use, reconstitute the mixture by withdrawing the solvent with a sterile syringe and dispensing it into the vial containing the lyophilisate. Shake the mixture for a few seconds, then wait until the solution becomes clear. After reconstitution, the solution is pink in color and has a characteristic odor.
  • Injections into the deep skin layers or the superficial subcutaneous layer. Mesotherapy needles 30G – 4 mm.
  • Micro-pellet technique (0.2 – 0.3 ml) subcutaneously and/or intradermally.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the injection site is necessary prior to injection.
  • 1-2 ampoules of 10 ml / ampoule for one treatment (the amount depends on the extent of the treated area)
  • Frequency: 1 treatment once a week
  • Treatment cycle: from 7 to 12 treatments.
  • After a full treatment cycle, it is possible to perform one or several repetitions at intervals of 15 – 30 days. It is beneficial to support the treatment by manual or pneumatic lymphatic drainage. It is recommended to repeat the treatment once a year to maintain a stable result.

Side effects:

After injection of the preparation, small superficial hematomas or mild to moderate redness of the skin may appear at the injection site. These types of reactions are considered normal for this type of treatment and completely subside within a few hours after the procedure. Although the use of ALIDYA is generally well tolerated, the possibility of rare cases of transient pain cannot be excluded.


ALIDYA should not be injected into patients with acute or chronic skin conditions in or in the immediate vicinity of the treated areas. It should not be used in patients with a history of anaphylactic reaction or severe allergies, in patients with severe organ or system diseases, including autoimmune diseases, in children, and in pregnant or lactating women.


ALIDYA should not be injected into anatomical areas other than superficial fatty tissue or deep skin layers. Do not administer the preparation into muscle tissue, intravenously or parenchymal and cavernous organs. Do not add and/or mix any substances with the product.

Associated methods are:

Carboxytherapy Radiofrequency (RF) Ultrasound with a slimming effect.

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